I didn’t want a pig


A couple years ago my roommate was yelling random livestock names from another room at Andrew in order to see which he would consider actually owning. Each time he said, “Yea!” and each time I said, “ABSOLUTELY NOT.” Next thing I know, i’m in Morgan Hill at South Valley Mini Pigs getting a 4-month old mini pig shoved in my arms. Let me tell you… there are very few noises that are as terrible as a pig squealing. Since I was on the fence about this whole situation, that noise was enough for me to throw him across the room and run for the hills, but you know, Andrew was convinced.

So…I have a pig.
His name is Kevin.
You can file that under #mylifeweird.

Things I’ve learned being a pig parent:
- Don’t let anyone tell you having a pig is easy
- They WILL bite
- They do not like to be picked up
- They actually are picky about their food (he won’t eat raisins, green beans, and certain kinds of green-blends)
- They love to have their tummy rubbed
- Cheerios are a powerful tool
- You can see how they’re feeling through the way they move, the facial expressions they make, the noises…. it’s incredible

Oh, by the way… you can check out his daily life on instagram.

Kevin eating grass


Cheerio collage

Sneak Peek: Kalee + Zach


I’ve been feeling slightly swamped and burned out so it appears I’ve failed at blogging already. I’m trying to recover, so here is a quick sneak peek into some side work I just completed for Kalee & Zach’s wedding – hand-drawn icons and type for my rustic-farm friends!  Another bonus… I got to spend the afternoon drinking white wine and assembling with the bride herself. Hard work.

Ajijic adventure

ajijic copy

One of the many perks we get by working at LinkedIn is that our offices close down for winter break. I spent some time with my own family, and then took off to hang out with Andrew’s in Ajijic, Mexico. My second international flight!

Unfortunately all the promise of warm Mexico weather went out the door when I landed and was welcomed with pouring rain… which continued for 6 days straight. Luckily it cleared up for the last few days and I could actually explore some and see more of Mexico than the inside of a house! (which don’t get me wrong, was still very relaxing – but it took me about 4 days to learn how to do just that).

Discoveries: Everything you’ve heard is true: Mexican tequila is REALLY that much better, I am pretty sure nobody ever actually feeds their horses, almost all the stores in Ajijic run on their own schedule (which is unpredictable), and there is some weird fascination with “Japanese” nuts – and almost all the packaging is borderline racist / ridiculous.

I posted a couple glimpses into the trip on my instagram, but here are some photography highlights from the real camera – i’m still haunted by that beautiful lake-side sunset.

Pig in Ajijic


Hound dog in Ajijic


Ajijic dancing

Mexican skateboarder


To see some more check out my flickr gallery


The beginning

Goodbye 2013

This is drastically overdue, but I’ve been swamped prepping for a LinkedIn event at work. I’ve wanted to start a blog forever, so I figured this is where I might as well start…

I’ve never officially made New Year’s resolutions– I don’t know why, but the word resolution made it feel too official and set in stone, and the thought of committing to something I can’t accomplish literally freaks me out. That being said, I stumbled across The Dainty Squid‘s yearly “GOALS,” and for some reason that made me change my perspective on the idea completely. Her list seemed so fun and attainable, and so I decided to try and think up some of my own. While doing so, I also saw this quote below, and I feel like this encompasses my theme for 2014:

I just wanna go on more adventures. Be around good energy. Connect with people. Learn new things. Grow.

I’ve been meaning to start one for years as an outlet to dump thoughts, wants and other random bits and bobs I’ve found– regardless of readership. Here’s to getting 1/2 of that goal accomplished!

TAKE MORE ROADTRIPS – Andrew and I take spontaneous day & weekend trips aaaallll the time, but it would be interesting to plan something a bit further this year–and maybe if he gets his wish and we get an RV it will be more likely to happen.

 – I have an exorbitant amount of shoes, jewelry and clothing. I think being a pack rat is a genetically pre-disposioned trait, because I still can’t shake it!

I’m thinking New Orleans, somewhere in Canada, and Florida (finally have all my nerd dreams realized and see Harry Potter world).

 – This is a little over 1 book a month. If you know me, I’m a speed reader, and I love to read.

 – I’ve tried and failed. Ok, lets be honest…I gave it about 10 minutes. Mostly, I learn best when someone is forcing my hands through the motions, but I want to do this — and make a scarf!

I keep talking about this. I’m thinking life drawing will definitely happen, but I want to take more art classes to get me outside of my artistic comfort zone. Sculpture maybe?

– Be able to run for a solid 20 minutes (at a good pace), up my arm free-weights 10lbs, and gain more muscle. I want to work my way up to running a marathon, but I don’t think that will happen in 2014. I found out early in the year that I really depend on exercise for endorphins. I’ve struggled after wrestling with eating disorders and obsessive working out, but learning the foundations of weight lifting and clean eating has really transformed my energy levels.

– Actually save money, pay off my debt, keep a sketchbook, do more freelance, take more risks, and start painting more.

So goodbye 2013! It was a darn good year.

I started realizing my travel dreams – I went on my first international trip to Peru, took a road trip with Dogcatcher up the coast (Eureka, Ashland, Salem, Portland) to Oregon, went to Vegas to work Talent Connect, visited my best friend Nicole in New York, and I just got back from Ajijic, Guadalajara Mexico.

Then there was some other notable stuff (good & bad) – I started my new job at LinkedIn, worked my first event, mourned the death of my fiat (and consequently got my first broken bone), went blonde (ugh), adjusted to the size of my golf, said goodbye to my childhood home in San Mateo, moved to San Jose with Andrew, got an awesome dog, saw snow for the first time, started working out with Zac, got a nose piercing, Bill’s Cafe Saturday morning ritual was born, and made new friends.

…needless to say I am excited to see what new adventures 2014 will bring.