I didn’t want a pig


A couple years ago my roommate was yelling random livestock names from another room at Andrew in order to see which he would consider actually owning. Each time he said, “Yea!” and each time I said, “ABSOLUTELY NOT.” Next thing I know, i’m in Morgan Hill at South Valley Mini Pigs getting a 4-month old mini pig shoved in my arms. Let me tell you… there are very few noises that are as terrible as a pig squealing. Since I was on the fence about this whole situation, that noise was enough for me to throw him across the room and run for the hills, but you know, Andrew was convinced.

So…I have a pig.
His name is Kevin.
You can file that under #mylifeweird.

Things I’ve learned being a pig parent:
- Don’t let anyone tell you having a pig is easy
- They WILL bite
- They do not like to be picked up
- They actually are picky about their food (he won’t eat raisins, green beans, and certain kinds of green-blends)
- They love to have their tummy rubbed
- Cheerios are a powerful tool
- You can see how they’re feeling through the way they move, the facial expressions they make, the noises…. it’s incredible

Oh, by the way… you can check out his daily life on instagram.

Kevin eating grass


Cheerio collage