Ajijic adventure

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One of the many perks we get by working at LinkedIn is that our offices close down for winter break. I spent some time with my own family, and then took off to hang out with Andrew’s in Ajijic, Mexico. My second international flight!

Unfortunately all the promise of warm Mexico weather went out the door when I landed and was welcomed with pouring rain… which continued for 6 days straight. Luckily it cleared up for the last few days and I could actually explore some and see more of Mexico than the inside of a house! (which don’t get me wrong, was still very relaxing – but it took me about 4 days to learn how to do just that).

Discoveries: Everything you’ve heard is true: Mexican tequila is REALLY that much better, I am pretty sure nobody ever actually feeds their horses, almost all the stores in Ajijic run on their own schedule (which is unpredictable), and there is some weird fascination with “Japanese” nuts – and almost all the packaging is borderline racist / ridiculous.

I posted a couple glimpses into the trip on my instagram, but here are some photography highlights from the real camera – i’m still haunted by that beautiful lake-side sunset.

Pig in Ajijic


Hound dog in Ajijic


Ajijic dancing

Mexican skateboarder


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